It should be stated up front that Brian Moreland has been told his work is about nothing. As we might know, the subject matter of “nothing” can contain a multitude of concepts and topics. Everything starts from nothing.

Like many artists, his work revolves around recording everyday experiences and objects. But his choices of “nothing in particular” are very different from others.

Brian’s images feel natural and give the viewer an understanding of how he observes his surroundings. He doesn’t go looking for specific things to record but attempts to find images that exude physical feelings and stimulate thought. As Alexander Nemerov has described the works of William Eggleston, “he sees things and makes pictures of them.” If Brian sees something and it feels right, he will record it.

With photographs rooted in the present, Brian’s images are a scrapbook of life and an ongoing exploration of his environment. There is something fresh and spontaneous about the unknown - yet comforting in the familiar. Whether it is a reflection in a puddle, a person standing on the beach, or a tree over a garage door, Brian seeks to call attention to these unseen existences from his individual perspective.

Brian’s images are stripped of all airs to reveal precisely what they appear to mean. For each viewer, what is revealed can be interpreted differently. His work captures a nostalgic sensibility that sparks and compels the viewer to connect - often with their own personal memories.

Brian chooses to take everyday moments and physical encounters and make them into a tangible collection, creating a personal visual library. Hopefully, these connections serve as messages and observations to like-minded viewers.



2022: Everything is Narrative- Subjectively Objective, Rochester Hills, MI

2022: Investigations in Infrastructure- Subjectively Objective, Rochester Hills, MI

2014: Benny Gold Guest Artist Glider Plane Exhibition- Agenda Trade Show, Long Beach, CA

2013: Pictures On White Walls #1- Blackstone Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2010: Plucking The Rainbow- Nina Freudenheim Gallery, Buffalo, NY

2010: Hot Off The- University of Hartford Alumni Exhibition, Silpe Gallery, Hartford, CT

2010: The Present Part II- Second Senior BFA Exhibition, Art Space, Hartford, CT

2010: The Present- Senior BFA Photography Exhibition, Silpe Gallery, Hartford, CT

2010: Everything IS- Senior BFA Media Arts Exhibition, Silpe Gallery, Hartford, CT

2009: Auvillar Painting Exhibition- Summer Studio Painting Exhibition, Auvillar, France

2009: La Bella Sicilia- Painting & Photography Exhibition, Silpe Gallery, Hartford, CT

2009: You+Media Arts- Junior & Senior Media Arts Exhibition, Silpe Gallery, Hartford, CT


2010: Manchester Community College Annual Juried Exhibition, Manchester, CT

2010: Alexander A. Goldfarb Annual Juried Exhibition, Joseloff Gallery, Hartford, CT


2021: Investigations in Infrastructure 

2021: Everything Is Narrative 

2019: Sticks & Stones Book: Shelflife No.1

2018: Another Filthy Magazine

2017: Sticks & Stones Mothership

2016: P Magazine

2016: Nakid Magazine

2016: Last Daze

2016: Another Filthy Magazine

2016: OFF THE RAILS Magazine

2016: C-Heads Magazine

2016: Self-Control Magazine

2016: We Are The People Magazine

2016: Fashion Grunge

2016: Dion Ys Us

2015: Navanax Online Magazine

2015: Arsenic Magazine